Slick Like Dark, winner of the 2017 Snowbound Chapbook Award, will be published by Tupelo Press in 2019. 

Judge’s Citation for SLICK LIKE DARK

Subtle and provocative, the poems in SLICK LIKE DARK are motivated by history’s forgetfulness.  As the book unfolds, we are asked to consider this silence as both power and disempowerment, as calculated withholding and a slow “surrender.”  Here, Wade offers us – with intelligence, grace, and incredible skill – an excavation of all that has been buried “in broad daylight,” a “record” pulled from the “thicket’s fire.” Yet these poems are most beautiful in their restlessness, in their movement between “light” and a “violent fanfare,” and in their willingness to inhabit the most liminal and uncertain ethical territories.  This is a brave and powerful book.  – Kristina Marie Darling*

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